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Generic Drugs
LIFE-NP Co., Ltd.

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Business Development

We LIFE-NP Co., Ltd. have the basic policy to satisfy demand of various pharmaceutical users, centering on generic drug manufacturers, by offering APIs with high quality and safety at affordable price on required timing as well as providing proper information for their R&D works and pharmaceutical regulation subjects starting with DMF.

  • (1)In-country caretaker of Drug Master File of Japan
  • (2)Sourcing and marketing the new generic APIs
  • (3)Sourcing and marketing the existing generic APIs
  • (4)Exporting Japanese finished drugs

Our World Wide Network

LIFE-NP Co., Ltd expands business not only domestic, but also overseas.
It is expected that the demand of the safe and affordable product and API of the generic drugs will increase worldwide in future.
We aim to use our global network in future, and contributing to medical care and the society.

  • (1)Importing generic APIs from overseas
    USA, Israel, Italy, India, South Korea, Taiwan, China, France etc.
  • (2)Exporting domestic drugs